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FARGO (1996)

Well, I reviewed this movie before (please don't look back there, it's embarrassing) and I may have hyperboled, a lot, but this movie is f*king awesome.

Now, when I usually write a review, I begin with the best thing about that movie, then work my way down. This review is nothing different, the best thing? Definitely acting. William H. Macy (or, live action Ned Flanders as I call him) is pretty much a scoundrel, but you he plays it so well you can't help but feel sorry for him. Steve Buscemi is made for being pretty much a criminal. Peter Stormare can be intimidating without saying much. I'm not even Frances McDormand who perfectly nailed that Minnesota accent.

This is helped by the screenplay by both the Coen Bros. First, you add the crime element of Jerry Lundegaard hiring Carl and Gaer to kidnap his wife, to get some money he desperately needs, mishaps occur. Second, you add the very dark comedy element, seen in many Coen Bros movies. Third, make it lifelike. I know this detail may seem minuscule, but the fact that sealed the deal on how great this was, was that the characters actually watch a boatload of TV. Watch it again, and look at how many times the characters are watching TV when they probably should be paying attention, it happens a lot to me. They make the obvious in front of you (The Mike Yanagita scene) and after re-watching, you finally get it.

Even though only Joel Coen directed this, it was still good. He really didn't make this much of a mystery, but released just as much as we needed to know. I mean yes we can make guesses but the truth is we'll never know, and we don't need to know. Like why Jerry needs the money, never revealed, doesn't matter, all we need to know is that he needs money and he'll pretty much do anything to get it.

The cinematography was even good on this one. Roger Deakins can make beautiful looking scenes, even when our heart is supposed to be breaking. Look at the scene where Jerry has to scrape off of his windows, that shot is set up so perfectly it's awesome.

I could go on and on, but I think I'd get boring, so instead I think I can sum up my review in two words: ****ing awesome.