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DAY 112: December 23rd, 2008.

V For Vendetta

Alan Moore is not a fan of Hollywood. Who can blame him after watching them butcher his League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen into a brainless popcorn action film that couldn't hold my attention, let alone anyone else. But Moore wasn't a fan of From Hell either. Another bastardized version of a story Moore tells in comic book form. It was style over substance, something that seemed like would happen to this next entry, V For Vendetta.

The film and the graphic novel are really different, so I see myself commenting on this as a film itself and not in any way to the original source material. V For Vendetta excels at many levels. It is well written, directed and acted by everyone involved. It has many levels and doesn't get out done by it's high octane style.

The script is strong and has a faceless "hero" or anti-hero, however you look at it. The dialogue is witty, but at times can be a bit much. You either love or hate the introduction V does and if you love it, then you'll most likely love the rest of the film too. The script has a sense of mystery to it and it takes the viewer on the ride of unraveling the truth behind everything. Almost like a murder mystery.

The atmosphere helps the film greatly. It has the British taking power in a Hitler like regime and V uses terrorist acts for freedom. The action junkie expecting some thrills will be really disappointed, the film moves at a relative pace, but it's telling a story, not killing dozens of armed men with explosions.

Portman does a decent job here, she is incredibly cute in her little girl outfit, then later becomes all Ellen Ripley on us. It's bold, beautiful and is a sign of her commitment to the craft.

The film ends up a punch and it leaves you with a smile on your face, the chosen music works perfect with the subject matter and the style of the film. It could be a masterpiece, for it's given genre, but it does have a few missteps, mainly pacing.

Overall, I enjoyed this one. It isn't your average comic book flick, it has deeper roots and it is really well done.