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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1 view)

A tale of greed , trust , and appreciating what you have instead of what you could have. Sierra Madre serves as a very entertaining story of gold mining , but it's final act is the worst part.

We find our characters in the midst of post-revolution Mexico , Americans all out of money who stumble upon a veteran gold-miner. They decide to take their chances out in the wild to strike it rick , though even once they find the treasure human uncertainty puts the group through a tough time.

Like many great older films the performances are over exaggerated and don't ever dare to muddle the original story. This was a top notch film for me until you near the final act , which is depleted of the suspense and characterizations that you have when they were out getting the gold. The musical score guides you through the emotions in a very strict manner , while making everything that happens twice as important (and twice as entertaining).

In a failed attempt to widen it's scope enormously near the end , it's much more focused and refined while it's telling the story of three instead of a hundred.