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8 1/2 (2 viewings)

Fellini's suggested masterwork dives deep into his own life and while it may have inspired many of my favorite movies , it's highly unstructured narrative forces it's individual episodes of scenes to provide the entertainment : aside from the very personal approach to it all - there doesn't seem to be an idea in the background to unite all of these thoughts.

Many scenes throughout work extremely well and some bore me to tears , but without a plot or basic idea to work from - it's not a movie that can keep your attention well. Fellini wants to tell you about himself and hopefully find someone that understands him , without expressing deep human emotion in the actual movie.

Dialogue is what drives the whole thing , characters bend back and forth between their own motivations and the person who's writing their motivations. Sadly , despite all the things that work in this movie (the beautifully surreal visual style , usage of music , and occasional fun scene) it's not a well rounded package.

I don't like to think that my tastes in film are narrow , but I can't be entertained or appreciate a work that wants to just shout it's opinions without form or dual meaning.