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The Nightmare Before Christmas

DAY 107: December 18th, 2008.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Re-watching this classic might hurt the original viewing for some. The animation is not as smooth as the recent flicks like Corpse Bride or even Wallace and Gromit. Still, the originality and musical entertainment is still there. I had a friend who loved this movie, then the recent popularity with kids wearing clothing from the film apparently ruined it for him. How does that happen, don't ask me.

NBC is a film that is indeed a classic and rightfully so. The animation may be stiff today, but I think it works for the world they've created. These aren't humans we're seeing. It's horrific creatures from the mind of Tim Burton and it has his stamp all over it. Seeing two worlds collide, such as Halloween and Christmas, is marvelous to see. Watching Jack as he first enters Christmas Town is like watching a kid discover the world around him when he learns to walk.

The musical numbers are catchy and serve the story well. The film is a lot faster paced then I remember. It flies by really quick and before you know it Jack is delivering the toys of horror to kids all over town.

The Oogie Boogie man is really well done and is still scary today as he was when I first watched this film. The voice over work is crisp and alive with emotion. It's not just some celebrity lending their voice to an animated film, it's skill voice actors doing their thing.

The originality and entertainment factor in this film are high and you can see the passion the filmmakers had in bringing this nightmare alive. Burton gets a lot of credit for this film, so much that many people mistake him for the director. Instead it was Henry Selick, the director of the film Coraline. Some credit should be thrown his way, but alas, his name is hardly ever mentioned. Just ask the two guys who directed the Star Wars sequels....