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DAY 97: December 8th, 2008.

The Wicker Man

I never saw the original, but people have told me that is isn't anywhere near as horrible this trash is. Could it possibly be half decent? I hope so, because if this remake gives me any indication of what type of film the original is...I'm running away fast.

Nicolas Cage is an actor I like, but with each film he is appearing in lately it is making it harder and harder to actually be a fan. The Wicker Man is without a shadow of a doubt his absolute worst film. Should I even try reviewing it? If I do that is me spending more time and thought being put into a review than the filmmakers put into the actual film.

Horrible performances, horrible script, horrible direction. The film was a waste of time, money and talent. Horrible, horrible, horrible. It's unintentionally funny to the point of parody. The film has become an internet sensation with people laughing at the absurdity in the seriousness. Cage punching a woman out while dressed as a bear? What? Drop kicking a woman to the chest? What?!?!? Don't even get me started on the overacting regarding the bees. That scene has become infamous and whenever someone yells "Not the bees" everyone knows what they are talking about and we all share a hearty laugh.

The Wicker Man is a perfect example of someone not respecting the source material (it has to be better, right?) and a studio's attempt to cash in on a recognizable name in the horror community. Cage can do better and he should, this is an embarrassment.

Thank you and good night.