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DAY 87: November 28th, 2008.

High Fidelity

Quick, if you could list your top 5 records, could you? I can't. John Cusack's character is asked the same question and he responds with, I'll make you a mix tape. In watching this film I can see how some people may see it and think that it is dated. I mean, records? Tape decks? Kids these days all have mp3 players, I'd be surprised if they even knew what a CD was. But these elements do not date this film, they enrich it, give it nostalgia.

Don't be too quick to heap this film in with other so called music flicks like Empire Records, which is good in it's own right, but these are two different flicks. High Fidelity recounts the top 5 break-ups from Rob, who breaks the 4th wall to talk to the audience about those break-ups. He decides to go back and talk to these girls to see what went wrong and what does it all mean. Each segment sort of flies by before it even starts.

I loved all the music chit chat, it seemed really natural and Tim Robbins cameo is absolutely hilarious. Both his sex and fight scenes steal the show. The film does tend to drag in places and cut be cut down 10 minutes or so, but it is definitely something you can watch more then once. I have a friend who says that this film speaks to him so much because he can see himself in the character. Another friend of mine says the same thing about Almost Famous. One day I will find one of these films that will speak to me....one day.