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Raising Arizona

DAY 68: November 7th, 2008.

Raising Arizona

I don't know why, but I've been putting off seeing this film for a long time. I finally bought it on DVD, for 6 bucks and knowing the Coen Brothers track record I knew it was a great deal. (Even if the DVD is a bare bones)

Raising Arizona has that Coen feel to it, from the moment we see Nicolas Cage's character, right up till the opening credits which is like 15 minutes later. I sat my girlfriend down with me because

A: She loves babies and thinks they are so cute
B: I always joke with her about stealing a baby so she can have one right now.
C: Trying to get her to like something other then Drop Dead Gorgeous

And I succeeded. We both liked it.

I can say that the film isn't perfect, far from it, but it has a classic feel to it. I know I can sit back and watch this film again and not get bored by it because everything just rolls by and never feels like it drags. Cage and Hunter work really well off each other and of course John Goodman, who is a Coen regular, is terrific in his role as the just escaped jail bird friend of Cage.

At times the film goes off into a fantasy role, with the biker character and the shootout in the grocery store, but it never feels really out of place. It's the world the Coens have created and their style of telling it that make it blend so well.