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DAY 62: November 1st, 2008.


This is the first time seeing Hitchcock's Rope and the first Hitchcock film in which I have seen in it's entirety. Yes, it's a shame, but I have only seen snippets of his others films, like Rear Window and Psycho to name a few.

Here is Rope a film about two men who murder someone and hide the body within the house. To make things interesting they hold a dinner party, the guests being friends and family of the victim, just to see if they can get away with murder. When I first heard this set-up, I was immediately interested and hearing praise for Hitchcock but never really seeing a full film from him I did not really know what to expect.


Just kidding, I really enjoyed Rope. What initially stuck out to me was the long takes Hitchcock used. The film plays out in real time and uses very little cuts, which both work well and kind of hurt the film. For those of you who grew up in the 90's and are use to the Michael Bay/MTV style of cutting every 3 seconds, you may find yourself bored to death here. Also the entire film takes place in one room, some may be confined and not comfortable. I found myself more interested in the story and how it was being told. Dollying into the backs of the characters and back out again to 'cover' the edits was interesting, yet a tad overused.

I really enjoyed Stewart's performance as the curious professor who questions the intentions of the party. Every little bit of tension in the film word well, the rope tying the books together, the maid putting the books where the body is hidden. All are suspenseful and work well for the film. All these scenes play well into Stewart's inquisitive notions throughout the film.

I found myself liking Brandon more then Phillip. Brandon was more confident and sly, whereas Phillip, in his nervous and child-like ways got on my nerves. I kind of wanted them to get away with it at some points, but then Phillip would speak and I would want them to get caught again.

I don't really hear much about this film when people talk about Hitchcock. It's more about his more 'popular' films, like Psycho, Rear Window and the Birds. I don't know why, but I think Rope is indeed an extremely well made film.