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The Incredibles

The Incredibles (4 viewings)

The Incredibles is a brilliant example of flash over substance. It has fun action scenes and memorable catchy music , but the forgettable dialogue and unfocused story keeps this movie from ever being class A entertainment.

It's a fine premise , a hero forced into retirement wants to come back to fighting crime - but he has to take care of his family now. The movie starts off with a bang and works well into the next act , but somewhere down the line it all starts to mesh together. Pacing is always fast action scenes with minimal character development. Action scene after action scene , it tires me out and then it starts to get boring.

This cookie cutter family of superheros eventually becomes important later in the movie as they start to bond together by beating up villains. After about 30 minutes in you understand that any twists and turns will result in dues ex machina , you already know no ones going to get hurt and nothing bad will happen. It all leads up to the family learning an important life lesson and all living happily ever after.

Now let's talk visuals. There are some really cool looking parts and then a lot of dull parts. For the most part it's a much more simplistic look compared to Pixar's recent Ratatouille and Wall-e. What really stands out is the animation of the characters - rather than how detailed they look. Even though at times it can look really good , there's much to be desired. One good example is the deserted city at the end. It would make more sense had huge city actually have people in it , instead of being desolate so the final battle could happen in a safe environment.

I know I've only been complaining about this the whole time , but there are some fun parts. It just dosen't add up to anything nor does it deserve any further viewings.