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The Incredibles

The Incredibles (Brad Bird, 2004)

The Incredibles is the hit animated movie about retired superheroes. The Incredibles starts off back some time, when heroes are still acceptable to save people, but through a series of unfortunate events, the world decides to ban heroes. But Bob, even after years, can’t seem to let his superhero go. He tries to do save people whenever he can, but after one day of getting pissed off at work, he suddenly gets called back into action. But he doesn’t tell anyone, so his family doesn’t even know. But is then betrayed and it turns out to just be a trap. Bob’s wife then tries to go in there and save him, but their kids seemed to have snuck on to tag along. But once they get there it turns out there’s a much bigger plan then they think, from someone from the days of back when they were allowed to be superheroes. So now they have to stop him before it’s too late, but will they be able to stop Syndrome. The Incredibles features voicing from Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jason Lee.

I’m surprised at how well of a job that some of actors in The Incredibles did, because even though they were only just voicing their characters, they really seemed to get into their characters really well. Craig T. Nelson was like the perfect choice for Mr. Incredible/Bob; his voice seemed to fit well with how the character looked. I knew it was Nelson right from the start though, because I could just tell it was voice, but that was fine. This is probably the only thing I’ve ever even seen Hunter in though, well technically heard her in. She does seem to have a great voice for animated movies though, so that’s a great thing to have, to bad this is the only animated movie she’s ever done though. Now I know Samuel L. Jackson can do a great job in basically anything, mainly because he’s my favorite actor. Even in mediocre movies, he seems to still do a great job in them. His voice definitely fit his character great; I could just imagine him as Frozone. Jackson’s character was definitely my favorite character in the whole movie though, because I love the sense of humor his character had, and just of how awesome his character was. I never really imagined Jason Lee doing just a voice, because I was so used to seeing him face along with his voice, so it was sort of weird seeing him in this. I still think he did a very good job; it was just unusual for me seeing him in an animated movie.

The story was definitely the best thing about The Incredibles. I loved how it got a Watchmen kind of feel a couple of times throughout the movie, especially the beginning of it and the ending kind of. I think I loved it so much, because I tend to love a lot of superhero movies, because superhero movies are my favorite kind of movies. I can tell they really put a lot of though in putting this story together, because I’m sire it really isn’t easy creating a superhero story. I don’t really get why I’ve heard some people call this a Watchmen rip-off though, I mean sure it’s had some similarities to Watchmen, but I definitely don’t think this is a rip-off of Watchmen, mainly because Watchmen had a much better story and characters. The story didn’t really get dull at all throughout the whole movie, thought the beginning was going to be a little boring though, it wasn’t though. Pixar really did a great job at making an animated superhero movie though.

My Thoughts Of It
My thoughts on it overall, I thought it was an amazing animated movie, easily my favorite out of all animated movies. I’ve heard a lot of things about it being overrated though, which I really don’t get, because to me it definitely isn’t overrated. I do want to point out though at how great the animation was, The Incredibles animation is probably tied with Wall-E for the movie with the best animation. And I do think The Incredibles is just a little better though, because they have like the same animation, but The Incredibles had it 4 years before Wall-E had it. This should be a definite watch for anyone who’s a fan of animated movie, and if you’re looking for a great movie to watch with your family or something, this is one that would definitely be the main one I think you should watch. If you haven’t yet, I think you should go out and blind buy the DVD, if you haven’t seen it before. But if you’re still now sure if it’s worth a blind buy at least give it a rent, because it’s worth it, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor by watching it.