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Day of the Dead

DAY 44: October 14th, 2008.

Day of the Dead

My least favourite of the Romero zombie films.

I think the film just tried t hard to be different. I get what Romero did to a degree, but question if it was the right thing. With each film in his series they undead seem to get smarter and smarter. Do I really want to see this? Or do I simply want people running away for their lives from these creatures?

I was honestly bored to tears by the movie, I'm sad to say that as well. I figured I would love it. Zombies plus the army, but the film takes way to long to get to anything remotely interesting. I didn't care for any of the characters, and the script was pretty weak for me. I never felt isolated from the atmosphere, I should have considering they were underground.

The special effects are top notch though. The make-up for the zombies are the best (for the original three films anyway) and Day of the Dead has the best on screen death scene out of any of Romero's films. It also comes with my favourite line. "Choke on it!!!"

It's violent and bloody climax didn't come soon enough to save this film for me and nor did it make me satisfied with the fact that I stayed for the end.

edit - I just noticed Meat asking me to do Zombie movies. I found that funny.

Meat - I've already watched these films, I can't do a zombie film if I haven't seen it yet. It was sheer coincidence you say that and on this date I watched a zombie film.