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DAY 38: October 8th, 2008.


May is a modern day take on Frankenstein. The title character, May, is socially awkward, yet she tries desperately to connect to people around her...by using their body parts to create her own friend.

May is a serious film, with serious characters and a story that every can connect to on one level or another. don't watch this expecting a bloody horror film with body parts everywhere, it's not that type of film. The film isn't scary either, which is why I think it never really found it's audience. It was more of a character study, with the horror aspect sprinkled in to make it different. I liked it.

Angela Bettis does a stand out job as May, she also played socially awkward Carrie in the made for TV movie. Just little subtle expressions and you can see how vulnerable she is. Jeremy Sisto plays a guy whom May falls for, because he has 'perfect hands' and Anna Faris who works with May, falls for her. It's a tragic, yet beautiful story. When these people turn their backs on her...that's when the crazy that's been built up inside of her (from rough childhood) finally emerges.

I felt sorry for May, even though I shouldn't have. The film is slow, but worth it if you're willing to invest in these characters and the 'horror' story.