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Twelve Monkeys

12 Monkeys (2 views)

Terry Gilliam is a director who always delivers complex and often surreal films , but I feel this is the best work he has done to date. His films usually are great at forcing you to think about what's going on and suffer from having a weak plot. 12 Monkeys is the best time travel movie I've seen and even though it's characters aren't as important to the movie as they should be - it entertains and provokes thought like no other Gilliam movie has for me.

Bruce Willis plays James Cole - a convict of his post apocalyptic time , who is sent back in time when he makes a deal to do some research for shorter jail sentence. It's not long before Cole discovers the symbol of the 12 Monkeys and travels through time to find out who they are and what their virus is that killed off the majority of humans in the world - forcing them underground.

The movie unfolds at a fast pace and will probably seem like complete madness on the first viewing - but once you've seen it the first time : you can appreciate how detailed each scene of the movie is. The story isn't perfect however , even though it's for the most part complex and fun - it drags on at times , one reason being the few action scenes are the worst parts of the movie.

The visuals are frantic and well done , but just can't ever achieve master quality. The Gilliam trademark twisted camera shots are also abundant here and depending on what mood I'm in - is cool or really obnoxious. Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt deliver the best performances of their careers with a lot of thanks to the dialogue. Madeleine Stowe is really good in this as well and never looks out of place in this amazing compilation of acting.

12 Monkeys is the time travel movie and I highly recommend you see it if you haven't yet.