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Yojimbo (2 viewings)

I love movies with very original ideas that are pursued in a straight forward fashion. This is one of those movies.

Sanjuro , a wandering master-less samurai stops in a city torn apart by two waring factions. The two sides fight over control of the city , but are afraid to fight each other in a battle to the death. Sanjuro who wants to rid the town of both sides - works to make each side destroy each other.

This is the oldest action movie I've seen. It proves that you don't get an exciting film with cool looking special effects - instead you get it with original situations that use their characters wisely to further the story. The visuals are done perfectly and the sword "fights" are a lot of fun. I find it when movies incorporate the setting a lot into the story it gives the entire movie a whole other level of complexity/depth. You will quickly become familiar with the town's main street - where most of the action takes place.

This classic film succeeds at telling a timeless story with acting , visuals , and pace that most modern action films fail to and remains an amazing film through near 70 years of age.