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Hated it.

my review will be biased because the way I see it, I go to the movies to appreciate the craft and when I can't do that because I'm ready to puke my guts out all over the person in front of me...it becomes an issue to enjoy the film.

I understand the filmmaker was going for the whole '9/11 home video cinematographer' look but seriously even my 10 year old cousin can hold a camcorder steadier than that.

OK OK that aside, some decent moments of tension (the subway monsters) and the build up at the party was really cool. But it just missed for me in so many places. ***spoiler*** like why the heck would that guy go to find his G/F who is across town and who is likely already dead/dying??! Never would happen, especially after your brother just got trashed on a bridge and flung a thousand feet into the water.

Pure goofiness. sorry guys not buying it.

Best part was the hot girl that the camera guy was trying to get with, oh and the fact everyone died in the end. that was refreshing that those dip****s didn't get a happy ending.

Failure of epic proportions...