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The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Well, I'm not going to bother wasting a lot of time writing up a fancy little article detailing all the ways that I am unhappy with the movie. I'll just say a few things and leave it at that I guess. Yeah right...

First off I'm actually going to rate this one lower than the first. Yep that's right I said lower. I know it was full of action but even that wasn't that great. Fans of the television show will probably like this movie better than the first film because at times all throughout the movie they were constantly tipping their caps to it. And that's fine I suppose, but to me that isn't what the REAL Hulk was all about. The real Hulk was an uncontrollable monster who hated most things human because he thought most humans were: "Puny insects!" At times during this film they actually made The Hulk almost human and susceptible to a lot more pain than the real Hulk ever suffered from. Even the most average of Hulk fan can tell you that when the Hulk gets hurt or mad he gets STRONGER! Which I feel I should add is one of the things that Ang Lee got right in the first film, not so much how The Hulk grew larger but how he got stronger.

My rating for the first film is
btw. And it actually is closer to 2 and three quarter stars.

Secondly, why is it exactly that we can't have The Hulk's true origin? Bruce Banner became The Hulk during a Gamma bomb radiation exposure sure... but the reason he was exposed was because he was trying to save Rick Jones life, a boy who had wandered into the test area on a dare. Both films made it appear that he (Bruce) willingly committed himself to these experiments and in fact he didn't. It wasn't until after he became The Hulk that he began doing all sorts of experimental things to himself to try and rid himself of The Hulk.

Thirdly, the talking Hulk. I waited for him to speak and I waited, and I waited. During his first transformation he utters one line "Leave me alone", and then nothing until almost the end of the movie, where he finally shouts out his trademark slogan, and even then it seemed almost an afterthought and it wouldn't surprise me if that's something that was edited in later, when people like me started a mini Internet crusade to have him speaking. I mean c'mon even waaaaay back in 1962 when The Hulk was first created he talked almost immediately after he transformed. Of course though he was also grey at that time, I'll now get to that as well.

The Hulk is either GREY or GREEN not both. At first I thought I would be able to overlook this rather large and glaring weakness in this movie and the entire INCREDIBLE HULK universe, but as you can see I didn't. At times he was more green than he was grey but a lot of the time he was a mixture of both and I just couldn't take it.

So other than that though the movie was great! Pffft!