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2008 Directed by : Matt Reeves

Friends gather to say farewell to Rob before his move to Tokyo, mid way through the party, Manhatten appears to be struck by a terror attack, but by whom or what is unknown to the guests at first, as the truth is slowly revealed to a small group of friends, their nightmare is only just beginning.

So, eventually, I'm catching up on all those films I've missed over the last 14 months or so ( too busy making films to watch them! ), Cloverfield was one that I was particularly looking forward to.

Produced by JJ Abrahms, the current goldenboy of Hollywood, and shrouded in secrecy, Cloverfield was always going to be one of these films that either totally disappointed or broke new ground.
Happily, it didn't disappoint, as stated previously,I regard CGI as the Anti-Christ of filmmaking, but it can be used to good effect if you don't over use it or light the sequence the wrong way.
Cloverfield uses it's CGI sparingly for a film of its' magnitude, using shadows and dark lighting to good effect when it does go all guns out CGI, and although I've yet to be totally sold on CGI, it wasn't as bad as I had feared before watching the film.

The jerky POV camera work won't be to everyones' liking, think Blairwitch Project on speed, but I didn't feel it distracted too much from the film, and instead I found it kept my attention and intrest throughout. One minor quibble I would have is the supposed camera operator Hud's incesant voice-over commentary did get on my nerves at times, yes I realise that he was supposed to be the comic relief, but the longer the film went on, the more I hoped he would meet an untimely demise.

Cloverfield is an intresting and slick production, not that you would expect anything else with JJ's name attached, and for once it was one of those big summer blockbusters that actually came close to living up to the hype bestowed upon it.
It's far from perfect, but it is infinetly more intresting watch than its' predecessor in the shaky hand held camera type mockumentary the Blairwitch.

Rating 3/5 good fun, intresting creature feature.