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I Spit on Your Grave

I Spit on Your Grave (Day of the Woman)

As the title suggests this film has some very strong women empowerment themes running through out it. However, these themes get lost in the degredation of the beginning of the film and the stupidity of the characters at the end of the film. Along with sometimes getting overlooked by the visual and audio aspects of the film.

The basic premise of the film revolves around a young author who rents a cabin along a river for the summer in order to give herself a more secluded, distraction free place to write. Things go quickly sour for her as she is gang raped by a group of young, local men and brutaly beat. She then goes on a revenge trip showing "cunning" over the male counterparts in exacting her revenge. The issue with this story and the idea that it tries to bring across comes with the male figures in the story. After brutalizing her and raping her two of the men are stupid enough to think that she would quickly forgive and forget about what they did to her and that she would be very willing to get into bed with them. Also with this idea of female empowerment, I don't know if it comes across extremely well again as it is so degrading to the female character as well. It could be some comment by the film maker on how society has degraded the female as compared to the masculine counterpart, but it doesn't always come off as having that feel.

Visually this film is a bit off at times, but it also can be very good. The shots are generally done in such a way that they try and feel more natural with their look, and while this works sometimes, there are also extranisous shots that don't need to be shown and some rather akward shots from the camera angle. It has a rough feel to it, that works well for this film, but sometimes ends up being to raw in the footage so it appears to be more of a poorly made home movie then a rough, raw shot that is used to portray a more realistic emotion.

Auditory as well is quite interesting. It follows, for the most part, the more natural audio pattern. While in some films there might be a slight drop in the volume of a character if they are far away from the camera, in this film, if the characters are far enough away, it is almost in-audible. This gives it a more realistic feel again, but they do mess it up at some points in time probrably where the natural audio was too low so that they had to go in and record the voice in studio (or something along that lines) so it jumps around. And that can get to be somewhat frustrating in the film. Much like the video, it is rough audio, but sometimes can become to raw.

The acting in this film was pretty average. Most of the male leads were quite poor. Richard Pace was the best of them and he wasn't extremely good. Camille Keaton did a very good job in the film though. Her role was definitely a challenging on in how many different emotions she has to show. She does a very good job of pulling her character into a shell after the rape occurs in the film.

Overall this film was to rough for it to be as effective as it should be. It still comes across strong as a female empowerment story, but the degredation to the female character doesn't have the effect that I believe it is supposed to have.

Overall Grade: C

Story: C
Acting: C+
Audio/Visual: D+