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Iron Man

Throughout time there has been summer hype, some have exceeded our expectations (Spiderman) some have made us want to fling poo at the screen (10,000 BC.) This my friends, goes above and beyond, dare I say, it IS the greatest superhero movie, ever.

The obvious thing to say about this film is it's perfect special effects. Yes, I said it, perfect. I promise you that when you see it, you'll do a double take. You'll say how did they get real weapons? I shall say in response, they didn't, isn't movie magic wonderful? Yea, it's that good.

Now, think back, way back to the time of low gas prices, the Planet of the Apes, the Spice Girls breaking up, and finally people going "omgwtfbbq! Tobey Mawho?" when Mr. Maguire landed the role of Peter Parker. We saw some of that last year with Mr. Downey being cast. Much like Maguire, Downey pulled it off perfect and then some. Everyone does well, especially Jeff Bridges as the creepy Obadiah Stane, and Faran Tahir was especially creepy. I could keep going on about the acting but that would pretty much take up the day. So, EVERYONE DID EXTREMLY WELL!

The director Jon Favreau also should get a lot of credit. He was also a big gamble, as he had only done pretty low budget stuff. The way he cut the shots were great. I personally loved the cut where Terrance Howard says "Tony, we are on business, I'm not going to drink" then they cut to him totally blasted. But, in all seriousness, the directing was good, even the first part of the credits looked good.

Finally, I liked the soundtrack. It was hip, cool, and went well together. Just like Mr. Stark, and actually they barely used thee song Iron Man.

Bottom Line: It's a popcorn movie, but you'll pay so much attention to it, you'll never want to move to get it.

Rating: a completely serious

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