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This eighties film is easily one of the better cult classics that has shown up from that time. It has everything in it, an absurd plot, fairly poor acting, gore, zombies, etc, everything you really could want from a cult classic film (maybe minus transexual transvestites from Transelvania). It combines them all wonderfully into the absurdly odd story about re-animating corpses.

The story is pretty typical in its absurd way, it centers around a college student (grad. student) who wants to become a docter, and is therefore working with corpses. A new odd student shows up, and things quickly go downhill into a zombie gore fest as the new student starts re-animating the corpses. There are side stories that go along with this, but basically it is a lot of corpses coming back from the dead with some very absurd humor to go along with it.

The acting in this film is like most cult classic films, fairly subpar. It isn't terrible, so one doesn't ever laugh directly at the acting, but it definitely isn't all that good. The two lead characters are just fine, and the main villain, I guess (it sort of runs with two villains), is creepy enough.

Visually there is a fair amount of gore. A lot of it in the form of blood splatter, but also some of it with the corpses who re-animate. They definitely are in various states of decay, which is part of the humor in this film just because the corpses are decent (basically always nude as well which is a little disturbing), and it is interesting to see what state of decay they will be in. There is also a scene where a guys head gets cut off, but that ends up being a better part of the humor, and it really isn't that gory, mainly just bloody gory, not body parts gory.

Overall this is a great film, as I've been writing this I keep in thinking back to great absurd parts. There are a lot of them, and they are hilarious. This definitely is in line with the film series "Return of the Living Dead" (with possibly the exception of number two) where it is an absurd story and all about how absurd they can make it.

Overall Grade: B

Story: B
Acting: C
Audio/Visual: B+