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The Fearless Vampire Killers

The Fearless Vampire Killers

One thing that I have noticed about Roman Polanski films is that he doesn't always use a ton of dialog. The first two films that I saw by him were this film and Repulsion and both are very willing to let the acting/directing speak for itself instead of making the characters talk. I find this interesting because film can be a primarily visual medium, but a lot of the time directors and screen writers feel the need to fill up the screen with dialog as much as with anything else.

I enjoyed this film a lot. I'm a big fan of vampire films, and this one is a brilliant parody on the whole genre. I haven't seen a ton of the classic vampire films, but I find it funny how I can correlate things from this film that parody things from current films. So it doesn't only parody what had happened already, but also what was/is going to happen with new vampire films.

Another key to this film is the weird acting in the film. Jack MacGowren does a great job as the professor, and Roman Polanski, himself, does a very good job as his assistant. There are other actors, notably Alfie Bass, who do extremely good jobs as well playing their weird roles. Then there is the beautiful Sharon Tate as well, whose acting performance is less notable, but didn't need to be all that great. But the acting performances of MacGowren and Polanski work extremely well together and they make a very good comedic duo in the film. And it has one of the best vampires ever in a film in the Count's son. Simply a brilliant character, and a very unique character for a vampire film.

Storywise this is what one would expect from a vampire parody in that it references a ton of vampire lore, and you have one (or more) groups of bumbling people trying to either take over all people or destroy all the vampires. And while it isn't anything exceedingly unique or brilliant, it is what should be expected and done well enough that it doesn't matter that it isn't that unique. It does pace the laughs out nicely, and the dialog that it uses is very witty. So the comedy is a good combination of action as well as the dialog, and it doesn't rely to much on either that it burns out its jokes too quickly.

Overall this is a very funny film and a well done film. It isn't a masterpeice by any means, but the studio's that are making the current terrible parody films might want to watch this film to figure out how to make a good parody instead of just making "Scary Movie 1,247".

Overall Grade: A-

Story: A
Acting: B+
Audio/Visual: B+