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Toy Story

Toy Story

You just can’t beat the first

Pixar will never be able to match their first film, Toy Story

Tom Hanks stars as Woody, a toy, and Andy’s favorite toy to be exact. He has a good life, a bunch of friends, Bo Peep as his girlfriend *, and a spot on the coveted spot on Andy’s bed. That’s until Buzz Lightyear (with the best voice acting I have seen in a LONG time) moves in and takes his friends, and the spot on Andy’s bed. Woody is VERY jealous and his life is seemingly falling apart, so he decides to get rid of Buzz.

This movie is great looking, the first CGI feature-length film ever. I am glad to see Pixar be the biggest name in animated-family movies and both Tom Hanks and Tim Allen still be big stars. A must for kids everywhere.

*never said, but I got that vibe