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This review includes minor Spoilers

Great, now woodchippers are ruined for me

Joel Coen gives us God’s second son, a movie named Fargo.

William H. Macy gives us a first (and not the last, I’m sure) Oscar nominated performance as Jerry Lundegaard, a car salesman at his father-in-law’s dealership. He also, for reasons unknown, is in debt. Instead of asking his wealthy father-in-law, he hires two goons, Carl Showalter (played by Steve Buscemi, whose Oscar nomination is hiding somewhere,) and Gaear Grimsrud (played eerily by Peter Stormare,) to kidnap his wife, and split the ransom with him. After Gaear and Carl kidnap Jerry’s wife, a cop pulls them over for having no tags on the car, only DLR plates, that Jerry gave them. When the cop asks Carl to step out of the car, Gaer blows the cop’s brains out, then kills two witnesses who were just driving by. Now, pregnant police Chief Marge Gunderson is on the case.

I loved this film, but it did one of my pet peeves in a movie, introduces an unnecessary character, Mike Yanagita, I really didn’t see why he was necessary.