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Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Die Hard 3 : With a Vengance (1 viewing)

The Plot : John McClain (Bruce Willis) has taken a turn for the worst , he's drinking heavily and his wife seems to have finally left him. But , he's instantly pulled back into the hardcore action scene when a physcopath starts blowing up buildings.

The Story : The characters in this die hard are probably the weaker than the ones in Die Hard 2. You just don't grow to love them like the original . What starts out as a game of as a game of chase turns into another robbery - and it goes downhill from there. Also , throughout the whole movie John McClain teams up with super racist Zeus Carver (Samuel Jackson).

Action : The first Die Hard is one of the best action movies , due to it's amazing cinemetography for it's action scenes. This one's action really is lacking.

Visuals : Athough there are few really good visuals - it can't even compare the originals amazing non-stop eye candy. But I gota say I love how the characters look all messed up toward the end.

Sypnosis : Pretty good action movie , but you won't find yourself watching it again and again like the original.