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The New Guy

The New Guy

This film falls under the category of a teen/popcorn flick. And it does a good job being a popcorn flick having some action, cheesy lines, and Eliza Dushku modeling swimsuits. It is a really good summer, brain off type of movie.

What works in this film is how awkward DJ Qualls is in the film. Even when he tries to act cool, it really looks like he is trying to act cool, and failing. So he does a good job in this film.

Another thing that works, for this type of film, is the type of story that it has. It is very absurd, and would never work, or happen, in reallife, but for this feel good, underdog triumphing, teen, popcorn movie, it is fits perfectly. It doesn't try to be more then it is, which is a very good thing.

Also in this film that makes it fun is the guest appearances. There are a lot of random musicians and celebrities who show up in the film. These appearances are pretty funny to watch typically and range from Tony Hawk to Vanilla Ice to Josh Todd (from Buckcherry). Most of the guest appearances are very funny.

There isn't much that doesn't work in this film. At a few points in time the story gets too absurd, even for itself, and that hurts it. And the acting performances aren't anything to talk about, even Qualls fits his role, but isn't amazing.

Overall this is just a fun film to watch. Like I said, it is one of those films that works really well for turning your brain off for and watching a whole lot of random appearances and odd events happening on screen.

Overall Grade: B+

Acting: C+
Story: B-
Audio/Visual: B-