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Pride & Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice

This is refering to the one that came out recently, not the five hour version done by A& E, even though I have seen that one as well. Another comment is that I do have a crush on Kiera Knightley, so that predispositioned me to the film.

With that said, I really liked this film, I thought that it had good acting performances, and while not being as true to the book as the five hour version, mainly because you just can't fit everything from a book in, into a two hour film. I thought that Kiera Knightley did a very good job with that role, and I felt like Donald Sutherland did a great job as the father in the film.

One thing that I like about this film is Jane Austen's sarcasm in her story telling. I love to see sarcasm and that darker type of humor in a story/film, and Pride and Prejudice does it very well. Donald Sutherland has some great lines that he delivers in the film, granted some of the funny lines for his character were cut out in the shortening of the film, and he delivers them extremely well.

What I found a little disappointing about the film was Mr. Collins, I would guess the reason why is because of the A&E version of Mr. Collins. In the A&E version, Mr. Collins is even worse then he is in this film version. He is creepier seeming and weirder, and that helps the dark humor in the film.

Overall I feel like this is a very solid film with some good acting performances that stays true (as possible) to the story. I realize that the general male populice isn't going to be that big a fan of the story, but if you like the dark/sarcastic style of humor, there will definitely be parts of the story that one can enjoy a lot.

Overall Grade: B+

Acting: B+
Story: A-
Visual/Audio: B-