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Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland

I might be slightly biased in my opinion of this film, but I would say that this is one of the best recent films that has been put out. The main criticism that I have heard about this film is how Barrie "cheats" on his wife, but I tend to find that view of the film extremely misguided as to what is actually happening in this film.

Just a brief synopsis of what is going on in this film, this film is about J.M. Barrie the author of Peter Pan, and his creation of that story. That is the very broad general gist of what is going on in this film.

His creating Peter Pan, however, is really just a cover up for the main point of the film, and really the main point of his creating Peter Pan, the idea of imagination. This film drifts between reality and what is seen through the eyes of Barrie and the four Davies boys.

The idea of imagination is played with in the idea of childlike imagination and how that disappears when one grows up. Do to unfortunate circumstances the Davies boys have had to grow up faster then they should, and in some ways Barrie never has grown up.

I tend to find this film almost inspirational to those people are in areas where creativity is needed. It allows the viewer to become a child again with the Davies boys, and shows through Barrie how creativity and imagination are not something that has to be given up as the "artist" grows older and matures.

Grade Overall: A+

Acting: B+
Story: A
Visuals/Sound: A-