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Black Snake Moan

Black Snake Moan
“Everything Is Hotter Down South.”


Rating: Rated r

Director: Craig Brewer

Release Date: March 2, 2007

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake

Black Snake Moan tells the story that redemption is always achievable, even in the darkest of hours. All that’s needed is a God-fearing bluesman, a swinging soundtrack, and a really long chain.

Craig Brewer, the maker of Hustle & Flow, brings us the story of an unlikely companionship between a girl named Rae (Christina Ricci), who suffers from nymphomania, and a recently divorced African-American man named Lazarus (Samuel L. Jackson). Through this relationship, they both learn how to fight the evil in their hearts and confront their lives head-on.

Rae has the most difficulty because she's trying to fight the nymphomania that controls her actions and spins her life into unimaginable trouble. It is so horrendous, in fact, that she alone cannot conquer it. Times like these call for drastic measures, and that is precisely what happens.

Lazarus sees it fit to try and cure Rae of her wicked ways, and how does he plan on doing this? Well, chaining her to the furnace of his southern home might be one way to accomplish it. Of course, she does not take to the idea of receiving assistance too well and she certainly does not agree with being chained up. From this unusual method of treatment, comes an unusual friendship.

Black Snake Moan is not likely to top many favorite film charts but, it is a delightful film nonetheless. The acting is well done by both Jackson and Ricci, and the soundtrack is very engaging. The plot unfolds nicely in the 2 hours it’s given and there are several instances of mild humor to boot. Best of all, Justin Timberlake doesn’t suck up the screen with bad acting or useless drivel. Whether it’s the acting, plot, or soundtrack, you’re bound to find something enjoyable about this movie.