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Come and see 1985 Directed by; Elem Klimov

Set in Russia during World War 2," Come and see " follows Florya a young Russian boy desperate to help his commrades fight the Nazi invasion. Deafened by German artillery, and seperated from his colleagues Florya wanders the battle fields of Russia witnessing the atrocities and brutality of the Nazi's first hand.

A very powerfull and disturbing film, unlike it's Hollywood counter parts, the hero's journey is all about survival and not heroic acts or self sacrifice. This is a brutal vision of Russia during the Nazi invasion, stark and often horrendous in its depiction, its haunting visions will remain with me for some time. The gradual loss of innocence of Florya is destressing, and his haunted stare cut through me on several occasions, and I know this is a film that will live with me for quite some time.
It portrays the Nazis as a gang of inhuman monsters, and in particular the extermination of a village is as brutal and uncomfortable experience as I can remember seeing on film, it pulls no punches and gets under your skin.
A real anti-war film, that is not always pleasant viewing, but deserves to be mentioned and acclaimed as much as its more famous competitors.
My only complaint is that during Florya's temperal deafness, the cacophony of noise can be disorientating and distracting, and I was glad when his deafness passed.
A special mention of the lead actor, a young teenage Russian boy Aleksei Kravchenko, who gives a very strong and believeable performance, in this harrowing and haunting story.

Not for the faint hearted, but if you could stomach Schindler's list or Saving Private Ryan, then it is definetly worth checking out, I ordered my copy from Amazon.

Rating 4.5/5