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Sin City

It should be clear by now my "reviews" aren't actual critiques, just my gutteral responses to the films I watch.

Sin City, directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, 2005.

Sin City marks the first movie I have ever exited a theater, walked through the lobby and directly back into line to buy a second ticket and watch it again.

Frank Miller has created characters, stories and a style that are deserving of far beyond the feeble praise I can muster up. And Robert Rodriguez has brought to the screen characters, stories and a style that are deserving of far beyond the feeble praise I can muster up. I never read the graphic novels, which is no outstanding claim because I never read graphic novels at all. I thought about picking them up months ago, but wanted to go into the movie fresh. Now I regret picking them back up and feel like a tool because I'm going to be one of those 10,000 kids who goes asking for copies of each at their local comic book store just because of the movie. But **** ego. Either way, this review is independent of the original material, so forgive me if I refer to things as if they existed because of the movie and not because of the novels.

While I thought the Big, Fat Kill segment of the film was the best, Marv is one of the most romantic characters to ever grace the silver screen - in any capacity. And Mickey Rourke is one helluva voice actor. The camera treats him like he is of divine origin and the audience responds accordingly. I haven't been in a theater in which people have responded more positively to a character than they did to Marv. He is the sweetest ogre. Hell, I wish I was half the romantic as Marv. I wish I was half the romantic as any of the characters in Sin City are.

The writing is so absorbent to the slightest of nuance and results in characters, that are in my opinion, deeper than that of any characters written in the scripts for any of the films nominated for best screenplay this year, last year or the past five years! Each and every one, save for the background villains who exist only to unexist, is crafter with such passion that any given five lines of dialogue paint an entire life's story. The economy of words here is frankly unparalled in similar material these days.

The technology used was a vast improvement over the recent attempt and obviously achieved the exact style imagined by Miller, we all knew that from the first trailer. There really isn't much that I can add here which will illuminate anything. If you can't appreciate the style here, you don't belong in the business of appreciating things.

Which brings me to another point. Sin City is one of those movies where I walk out of the theater and listen to the audience's reactions and think to myself, "wow, 80% of these people are morons." I don't care if you didn't enjoy the movie as much as I did. I don't care if you wouldn't watch it twice in a row. But when I hear bull**** such as "you could so tell Quentin Tarantino had alot to do with that movie" and "I don't get it, what was it about?", I wish for the ability to erase people from the fabric of time and space.

"I don't get it, what was it about?"?!?! It was about life you twit. It was about love. It was about loss. It was about passion. It was about dedication. It was about respect. Apparently It was about everything unrecognizeable from your own life. I always come off as some hateful, egotistical prick in my rants about the idiocy of some people, but I really am a nice, accepting guy; some people are just stupid.

I haven't even talked about the cast as a whole, but if the sheer volume of chemistry exploding at the scenes in this wonderous test-tube of a movie needs to be pointed out, then read a couple sentences back.

5 out of 5

The One Sentence Review - Clearly the culminated birth child of minds actually concerned with cinematic appreciation, Sin City is and was the birth and death of a singularity of perfection that will remain peerless in the world of cinema until the end of time.

"Hey! There is no settling down! This is blood for blood and by the gallons. This is the old days, the bad days, the all or nothing days. They're back!"