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Pale Blood

Pale Blood -

Was this movie made solely to play in the backgrounds of Goth clubs? Probably, but its a solid if not slightly campy combination murder mystery/unconventional vampire flick. It is unconventional because in true Goth fashion, the vampires are not only the heroes, but also misunderstood, politely taking just as much blood as they need to and only concerned with finding the few survivors of their kind. A very good George Chakiris adds substance and class to the proceedings as Michael Fury, who is scouring L.A. for a serial killer who may be a contemporary who takes more than he needs. His unwavering dignity contrasts in the best way with his mission's biggest complication: Van, a would-be filmmaker and vampire enthusiast played with wide-eyed, scenery-chewing enthusiasm by Wings Hauser. Their not always complementary agendas result in a decent mystery with surprises that not only snuck up on me, but also do not seem contrived. Again, it is enhanced - well, for the most part, more on that later - with visuals and music that are very much products of their times. Michael's blacklit condo, for example, is so aesthetic, as the kids say, that I'm surprised I haven't seen images from it in vaporwave subreddits before. Agent Orange's songs also make the soundtrack on par with another stylish vampire flick from this era that may have inspired this one, The Lost Boys.

The movie's flourishes are entrancing, but they eventually wear out their welcome, the montages in particular. Besides making me wonder if the filmmakers had to meet a running time requirement, they stall the momentum of the story. Other than that, despite the occasional chintziness, this is one of the better straight to tape movies I can remember seeing. Moreover, even though the story is spliced with what ends up coming across as filler, that does not mean it is flimsy. If you are also a vampire lover and are fascinated by all things Goth, it's a must see. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself wondering if eggs are actually aphrodisiacs afterwards (I hope that didn't scare you away).