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Quiz Lady

Quiz Lady -

Having the leads play against type doesn't always pay off - see Sisters from 2015 - but when it does, it really does. I'm sure I'm not alone in being tired of Awkwafina playing the kind of role Sandra Oh plays in this, as good as she is at it, so it's doubly satisfying that she can pull off a straighter and more introverted one. As for Oh, she once again proves she is one of the best in the business. This movie is valuable as a study on how siblings communicate and how they cope with rivalry. As the sisters' most heated moments prove, there is a fine line between argument and affection. With all that said, the important thing is that this movie is very funny and proves that the comedy genre is far from dead. I love how it lampoons and shows affection for game shows at the same time from its treatment of Schwarzman's Ken Jennings surrogate to Ferrell's adorably square host. Speaking of the latter, while director Yu and writer D'Angelo deserve credit, Ferrell, who produced, is undoubtedly at least partially responsible for the movie's cartoonishly surreal moments, all of which brought the laughs, especially the nod to a certain famous painting. I also approve of how practically every bit of nonsense pays off, the highlight being one inspired (and sad) cameo.

As much as this movie gets right, it's good, but not quite great. Like too many other streaming exclusives, it's content to just be good enough. Even so, whether or not you dream about acing the Jeopardy test, I guarantee this will make you laugh a lot. It will also surely make you want a dog if you don't already have one (seriously, Mr. Linguini is the best).