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No One Will Save You

No One Will Save You -

This is pretty good sci-fi horror that could be described as a movie of few words. Brynn (Dever) has no opportunities to use words anyway since her small town ostracized her. Exiled to her old, beautiful, perfect setpiece for horror house - think the one in The House of the Devil - she wiles away the days learning dance moves and bringing the town to herself by collecting model houses. One night, visitors not from this world pay her and everyone else in town a visit. We soon discover if Brynn can survive the invasion without anyone's help as well as why nobody wants to help her.

If you've ever wondered how it feels to be cancelled, have I got a movie for you. In addition to how soul-crushing the experience must be - the opening scene where Brynn practices smiling and waving in front of a mirror says it all - you get a real sense of what it's like to hesitate about even asking the police for help. Dever is so talented that she doesn't need words to express Brynn's loneliness, or for that matter, the terror of being stalked by some pretty scary-looking extraterrestrials. Speaking of the aliens, you likely have seen ones resembling them - think the cover of Whitley Streiber's Communion - but why mess with success? Besides, the special effects team added creativity and cringe where they could, especially in how they move and communicate. On top of that, their master plan is scarier than just wiping out everybody. As good as Dever is and how timely writer/director Brian Duffield and company make this material, it's not nearly as good as what obviously inspired it. There are also some moments that seem like filler as if there were a production requirement for it to last 90 minutes. I still had a good, scary time overall, and regardless of your thoughts about cancel culture, it's bound to give you a whole new perspective on it and make you think twice about it.