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38. The Bad Guys

Slick animation and some fun voice work makes a rather predictable story enjoyable for all ages.

The Bag Guys are thieves and they get caught while their leader, Wolf, has a moment of self doubt. He was called a "good boy" for helping an elderly lady and it awakens something deep in him. In an effort to escape jail time, they promise to be good guys instead of bad guys. When a precious diamond is stolen, they are blamed and now they have to find out who really stole it to clear their names.

My son reads the books, so I know the story being told...but, even without the prior book knowledge I felt as if a lot of this story went down tired and clichéd story beats. None of the reveals would be surprises and characters make decisions that you just know are "for show".

That aside, the film looks great. It has a unique art style to it that feels almost brush-stroke. The jokes land for the most part and the high-stakes heist scenes are really exciting. The character designs work and the cast really does seem to have good chemistry with each other.

My kids enjoyed it and have watched it numerous times since. I would definitely watch another one in this series, but I would be more interested in seeing if they take it in new directions or not since the book series deals with really wild and out there content. Time travels, dinosaurs, aliens, etc.