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Themroc (1973)
Claude Faraldo

Themroc is a French absurdist social commentary film.

I watched the whole thing and was that a chore! I liked the film at first as it was like a silent era comedy film about a working class man who sure coughed a lot and liked looking at pretty girls in mini skirts...He reminded me of Benny Hill at this point of the film. I'm not sure who the younger girl was in his apartment who kept exposing her breast to him...gosh I hope that wasn't his sister! But after watching the weirdness of the movie, I'm guessing it was.

I liked the social commentary from 1973...It doesn't matter that this is set in France, there was this baby boomer/hippie movement back then that endorsed well just about anything and were definitely anti-establishment. Themroc is very anti-establishment and for that reason I found it's sociological time machine look back to the early 70s interesting.

The film wrapped up with our man (don't know what his name was, Themroc maybe?) tearing apart his apartment with a sledgehammer and throwing the trappings of modern life to the sidewalk below. Clearly another statement on rejecting commercialism & capitalism. The falling debris was interesting to watch, but only for awhile, that scene went on too long. I kept thinking the guy was going to fall out of that gaping hole in his third story apartment. I hope the actor had a rope tied onto his waist as it looked dangerous. The cops come of course and well you just have to see the 'pig' roast and orgy scene for yourself...But I never thought endless closeups of people's faces as they had orgasms could be so boring.