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American Flatulators

American Flatulators Review - The Jokes Fell Flat

OK, an entire movie dedicated to fart jokes? You don't have to witness this big waste of time to realize it's bottom of the barrel. No comedian could've saved this film, not even Chris Pratt. It's nothing but a cheap non-theater hour made by a bunch of bums in tight clothing. I honestly pity anyone who laughs at this movie at least once.

See, the movie is geared to look like an actual Olympic event specifically for different techniques and performances involving flatulence. You can tell by the big opening. When the sound of trumpets fills the air, you know there's no real development involved. But no one;s sitting down in this movie. They're all filled up and ready to go, so they had fun with it, despite the crappy acting.

OK, butt jokes aside, every line and every character name had to be a butt joke. Honestly, it was like watching ten year olds who watch Olympics make a stage play. I didn't even laugh once. Timon and Pumbaa have done better butt jokes on their own sitcom, so what does that tell you about this movie? This is the single most unfunny movie I've ever seen.

I think this movie was built to potentially be the worst movie ever (think about the simple premise). However, there are problems with this. First, the fact that they're TRYING to be as bad as possible is revealing. By merit, a movie that tries to be good and fails should likely be worse, especially if they're in the same league of badness, just bumping into each other. Second, like I said, the bad cast seemed to enjoy it. And thirdly, the movie is only 53 minutes long. If it reached 90, I don't know if I could sleep at night. SO, no, this isn't the worst movie I;ve seen, but it's close.

Anyway, sorry about all the butt cracks.