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Deep Water

Deep Water
Adrian Lyne, director of the surprise box office smash of 1987, Fatal Attraction, returns to the director's chair for the first time in almost 20 years with Deep Water, a poorly lit and overheated erotic thriller that suffers from a swiss cheese screenplay but benefits from an eye opening performance from its leading lady.

The 2022 film stars Oscar winner Ben Affleck as Vic, a wealthy businessman who is married to Melinda (Ana de Armas), a sexual pariah who takes full advantage of the open marriage she seems to have with Vic. Melinda does what she wants because apparently Vic doesn't want to divorce her, but things change once she begins her affair with a young hottie named Joel, who has heard rumors that Vic murdered Melinda's last lover and not long after, the guy turns up missing and Vic is the number one suspect behind his disappearance.

During the time that the police are investigating this guy's disappearance, Joel hits the road, but two more guys who had affairs with Melinda, end up dead and for some reason, Melinda looks the other way while Vic goes into self-preservation mode.

Despite his long respite from the director's chair, Adrian Lyne still proves to have one of the greatest eyes for cinematic erotica that I've seen. This guy knows how to bring sexy to the screen, even though it might not have a lot to do with the story that's being told. The screenplay from the screenwriters for Stranger than Fiction and The Talented Mr. Ripley never really explains why Vic wants to stay married to this woman, despite the fact that she flaunts her affairs in front of him. And before we learn what happened to Melinda's first two lovers, two more lovers are introduced, murdered, and their stories left dangling for the viewer to figure out for themselves. And if this was the intent, why not introduce the characters at all and knock about 45 minutes off of the running time?

In addition to his erotic eye, Lyne's direction also provides some first rate camerawork that puts the viewer right in the middle of the erotic mess. Affleck is a little one-note as Vic, but Ana de Armas, who lit up the screen as the sweet-natured caregiver in Knives Out lights up the screen in her sexually charged performance as Melinda, a character nothing like the character she played in Knives Out. Unfortunately, Lyne's skills as a director were unable to make sense of this convoluted story.