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There's Someone Inside Your House

There's Someone Inside Your House, 2021

In a small Nebraska town, seniors at the local high school are being slaughtered by a killer who wears a mask of his victims' faces and exposes their secrets to the town. A small band of misfits, Makani (Sydney Park), Alex (Asjha Cooper), Darby (Jesse LaTourette), Zach (Dale Whibley), and Rodrigo (Diego Joseph) try to figure out who is to blame. But Makani is harboring a few secrets, including a romance with local "sociopath" Ollie (Theodore Pellerin).

Chalk up another film that's not great, but certainly worth a watch.

To start with the positives, the kills are decently grisly and gory. At first, with the pattern of the victims, it seems like the film is hammering some sort of political point. And while the movie does kind of have one---about race and class--it's not the obvious message that it would seem at first. Yes, the misfits belong to the stereotypical demographics (a non-binary student, racial minorities, a gay student, etc), but they are not innocent nor are they immune to the killer's attention.

Sydney Park is good as the main character, someone who wants to fit in and values the place she's been given by her peers, but who also lives in perpetual fear that they will discover who she "really" is. She has good chemistry with Pellerin, whose Ollie lives on that boundary between love interest and murder suspect.

Again, though, this film is good but not great. I guessed the identity of the killer fairly early on, but maybe that was just luck. Still, it's always kind of a pain waiting for the film to catch up to what you've already sussed out. There's also not a ton of character development aside from Sydney, which takes away a little of the power of the ending.

This is a horror-comedy in many ways, and I would say that the humor works for the most part. But it's all that very familiar ironic, meta kind of humor. Echoes of films like Scream, if you get what I mean.

Well worth a watch.