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Peter Pan (Disney, 1953)

Other than Tinker Bell I didn't care about any of the characters in Peter Pan and I had expected this to be my favorite classic Disney animated film. Not that I've seen many of them.

It wasn't until after I joined MoFo that I watched my very first, Fantasia. Unlike Bambi where I actually cared about the animals and their forest home...with Peter Pan I could care less about Wendy or her brothers...one of who must've been the inspiration for the Harry Potter series of novels.

At a scant 1 hour 17 minutes, there wasn't enough time to include any needed back story as to who Wendy was and why she needed to believe so readily in a fairy tale, aka Peter Pan. I wonder what the original British stage play of 1903 was like? It must have been written for adults as stage plays for children in 1903 were unheard of.

There's still a bit of adult musings in this G rated Disney film, mostly apparent in the antics of Tinker Bell. Tinker is a tiny hottie, who's concerned that her hips are too big and is jealous of Wendy to the point of trying to annihilate her. Tinker is quite impish and that was refreshing for what otherwise is a kids movie. I got a kick out of the many different means she took to keep Wendy apart from her crush, Peter.

Well that's four classic Disney animated films I've seen. So far I haven't loved any of them.