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Where the Road Runs Out

Where the Road Runs Out, 2014

On learning that an old friend of his has died, George (Isaach de Bankhole), a science researcher living in the Netherlands, decides to journey to the friend's field station in Equatorial Guinea. Once there, he begins to reconnect to his own youth in Ghana, and forms a friendship with a local orphan named Jimmy (Sizo Motsoko) and the woman who runs the orphanage/school (Juliet Landau).

This is a pleasant enough film that never generates quite enough conflict to be deeply interesting. There is a quickly-resolved subplot about how George's donations to the field station never actually got there, but it doesn't really get your pulse up. George also has some banter with Jimmy and the teacher, but in both cases you know that they are headed for positive relationships.

The acting is kind of a mixed bag. De Bankhole is the right mix of gruff and generous as George. Sizo Motsoko isn't the best actor, but he is undeniably charismatic and expressive, and he brings a nice energy to all of his scenes. Landau is fine as the love interest, though the writing of her character leaves a lot to be desired.

I guess I would mildly recommend this one, though it's a narrative that's been done better in other films.