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Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino, 1994)

For me, this is easily Tarantino's best film, and no matter where he drew his "inspiration", it's crammed with quirky, interesting characters and witty dialogue. Iconic scenes abound - the restaurant scene, the dance, the miracle shooting, suitcase, the watch, foot message, the Gimp, prank call, "clean this ***** out", walk the Earth, etc. Just thinking about many of the minor characters makes me smile; people like Steve Buscemi's Buddy Holly, Eric Stoltz's Lance, and Christopher Walken's Captain Koons. Much has been made of the film's non-linear structure, but I find it to be not that significant, at least while watching it. It adds something more to discuss after it's over, but while watching it, I mainly think about how great Samuel L. Jackson and Harvey Keitel are. Back in 1994, this is the way I called the Oscars: I said that Samuel L. Jackson should win Best Actor for Pulp Fiction, but since he was nominated Best Supporting Actor for his role as Jules, and John Travolta was nomed Best Actor for Vincent Vega in the same film, I said, well, that's pretty tough, Samuel L. because there's no way you're going to beat Martin Landau ("Let's shoot this fu(ka") for Best Supporting Actor.