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Allegro non troppo

Allegro non troppo (Bruno Bozzetto, 1976)

I love that whole movie - it's in my top 100. It's half a satire on the animation of Fantasia and half a black-and-white live-action jab at Disney's serious attitude towards the orchestra/conductor presented as a slapstick Fellini spoof. and this part is funnier the more you appreciate Fellini. The B&W live-action section has a despotic conductor who keeps his orchestra of little old ladies and his animator prisoners until he needs them for the classical music accompaniment and the animations. This part is done as a spoof/satire of Fellini by way of the Marx Brothers. There are surrealistic touches throughout the film, including many seemingly mean, violent ones involving some of the creations of the animator (Maurizio Nichetti) and a lovely cleaning woman who's mutually attracred to him. The conductor ts a particularly hateful character but that just makes him funnier. I haven't even gotten to the idiot "narrator" or some kind of dancing gorilla thing. But, to paraphrase Shakespeare, the animation's the thing.The "cartoons" are beautiful, spectacular, funny, melancholic, sexy, witty, surrealistic and thought-provoking. I could go into more details about it, but I'll just say the combo of classical music and deeply personaI animation creates huge emotions. I especially love the Bolero Evolution sequence and the Sibelius "Valse triste"/Homeless Cat segment too, which can be seen here.