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Alien (Ridley Scott, 1979)

Alien is a classic and one of those films which should be seen on as large a screen as possible. True, it borrows a lot from It! The Terror from Beyond Space and Planet of the Vampires, but its budget and technical/creative team (including H.R. Giger) allow it to be far more spectacular than those low-budget flicks. Alien is a terriifc example of a sci-fi/horror flick. The first half is mind-bending sci-fi showing things which had never really been shown before, especially within what appeared to be such spectacular and wide-open sets (even if some were matte paintings). The second half is one of the better claustrophobic monster-on-the-loose flicks aboard the spaceship.

I really love Alien, I remember seeing it several times on the Big Newport's humongous screen and later at FILMEX's 50-hour horror marathon back-to-back with The Exorcist. Even after all these years and newer movies, it still has the strong basic foundation, combined with a sense of originality due to Giger's art directon and creature designs, to qualify as one of the scariest, most-visionary horrors and sci-fis ever made. My fave Alien scene is the long scene down on the planet where they find an enormous underground world, and the eggs on the surface. Then John Hurt sticks his head down a little too close...POW! For me, that scene climaxes with the chest buster