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'Minari' (2020)

Minari is as sweet and watchable as everyone says it is. The tale of the South Korean family pursuing the American dream is very well crafted and written with some tear-jerking moments especially towards the end. Steven Yeun and Alan Kim are as good as everyone says they are, although personally I thought Yeri Han as mum Monica was the standout performance.

Dad Jacob toils in the fields to try and make a success of his farm so his children actually see him be good at something. The family struggles and eventually sends help in the form of grandma

WARNING: "minari" spoilers below
The minor problem I have with it is the large catastrophic event towards the end. That happens and then everything is reset? And they try again? That seemed to be a very cut and dry plot device that we are just supposed to accept? Having said that, the film hints that this is largely the young boy David's story and that it may actually entirely be a memory of him growing up that we are watching play out, so I'll cut it some slack on that part - our memories often wander off the beaten path of 100% accuracy, and to be honest the film is dreamy and ethereal enough to actually pull it off. Most of the conversations and arguments actually occur when David is present there or thereabouts somewhere (in a car watching, in another room listening or in the field admiring his dad's work). So on that level it does work. It's a good film. This seems to be a big hit with Western audiences so I hope that those people now go and watch similar films such as the work of Hirokazu Kore-eda, although Japanese not Korean his filmography has many likenesses to Minari.