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Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun

Theme: Break-up films.

For those of you that don't know, last year my friends and I started doing movie marathons over discord. We started with the Fast & Furious franchise as my one buddy had not seen any of them. We've been going strong ever since and now we are incorporating themes into our choices. This round's theme is BREAK-UP movies. We started with a classic; High Fidelity. I'm not here to talk about High Fidelity, I'd like to, but that was so 2020. I'm here to talk about how a middle-aged white lady got divorced, lost her house, her belongings and bought a villa in Italy because....why not.

This movie has a target demo and I'm not it. Despite that, the film is not a travesty. There are some elements to it that shine, specifically Diane Lane's charming performance of a woman trying to find her life again and the beautiful locals in Italy. The rest of the film tends to lean into forced romantic encounters and oddball characters who lear at our lead actress. There was a weird theme in this film that seemed to show Italian men as a little less than honest. Two men who show interest in Lane are married, 3 men harass her on the streets, another sleeps with a younger woman when they can't connect.

There's a sincere scene with her friend, played by Sandra Oh. Her lesbian partner and she have been trying to have a child and finally got lucky with attempt number five. Oh shows up in Italy to surprise Lane and she's pretty close to having the baby, it's then when we find out her partner left her because she wasn't ready to be a mother. A quick scene, but one that is sold with Oh's performance. It's the only real moment in the film, the rest plays out in a whimsical romantic comedy land.

Overall, the film is fine. There is nothing egregious here and if anything, it'll make you maybe want to take a trip to Italy.