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Love and Monsters

Love & Monsters

A light hearted fun adventure film that asks what one will do for love...well, travel 7 days across the state with monster infested woods, waters and buildings of course. Love & Monsters is a fun movie with a good lead performance from Dylan O'Brien and a good supporting cast.

The joy in watching this film is the realization that it's not an adaptation from a book, comic or tv show. This is an original story, given a good budget with a director not named Christopher Nolan. The special effects are top notch, the world building is interesting and opens the story up for more adventures and especially in a time like this, it's nice to escape a little bit. Despite the film being about the "end of the world" it doesn't feel depressing, it has a bright look to it and has entertaining set pieces.

I doubt we will see any sequels since this was released VOD, so not many people know about it, but it could gain a following in a few years.