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Oct 6th

Cellar Dweller

Not at all what I was expecting.

Jeffery Combs is killed in the opening segment. We get a full view shot of the BEAST in the opening shots killing any and all suspense for the creature. We then transition 30 years later where we pick up the story about artists living together to craft their own specific art pieces. One is a performer, the other a painter, a videographer, a comic-book artist....anyways, these people all suck and they all deserve to die.

We find out that our comic book artist used a demonic book and it brings her drawings to life. How do we defeat it? Use whiteout of course, it worked!!! Now let's draw our friends and bring them back from the dead, it worked!!! Now let's draw the creature again, this time in chains....wait, what? Now let's burn the paper and destroy him for good, alright, I'm on board for that I guess. Oh no, the drawings of our friends we brought back are burning too!!! They are all dead again!!!

Cue hilarious final scream shot. Credits.