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Mystery Train

87 Mystery Train
dir Jim Jarmusch
Principal actors: Nicolatta Braschi, Tom Noonan, Elizabeth Bracco, Joe Strummer, Steve Aviles, Steve Buscemi

My second Jarmusch film on this list. Mystery Train takes three stories and weaves them like a tapestry into one story. The characters from all three stories are staying in the same run down dive of a hotel in Memphis

The first story us a young Japanese couple who are on a rock n' roll pilgrimage through the US (First Memphis (Elvis and Sun Stidios) and then new Orleans for Fats Domino. They check into the hotel for the night and hear a gunshot.
The second story features Niccolatta Braschi and Elizabeth Bracco. Braschi's character has come to memphis to transport her husbands body back home. Braschi and Bracco are both in the hotel accidentally and decide to share a room for convenience sake.
The third story features Joe Strummer (from the music group the Clash) and Steve Buschimmi. Buschemmi has to go to a bar where Strummer has produced a gun and caused an i9ncident. They get a couple of bottles and eventually land in the same hotel.
In the lobby of the hotel are two desk clerks. One old and wise (Screamin Jay Hawkins) and te other young and relaticely speaking naive.

The three stories meet when you hear a gunshot. I will let you watch the film for yourself from that point. Suffice it tao say that everything I said about Jarmusch in my review of Down by Law, is true of this film. Jarmusch takes his time to develop his stories. he does not rush things, and i don't think he cares if you think his films are slow. I believe at the end of his films you are well rewarded for patiently sticking wi the story. Others, I am sure, will disagree. This is the perfect Jarmusch film, i give it four stars because Jarmusch is an acquired taste.