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Saw it yesterday. Best way I can describe it succinctly is that it is basically Inception but where all the pieces don't work quite as well. Inception is full of exposition and it doesn't feel tedious where as Tenet it does. Tenet the characters are thinly developed, same as Inception but it doesn't quite work as well. Convoluted with tons of big ideas like Inception but in Tenet they always just feel slightly out of your grasp, unlike Inception where you eventually catch up.

The casting was also a bit curious to me. JD Washington does ok, but I was not overly impressed. He comes off wooden in a lot of the exposition scenes, I could feel myself watching a movie. Where as Leo in Inception I whole heartly believed he was in that world and knowledgeable about what he was explaining. Then this may be a dumb critique to have but Debicki has 6 inches on Washington without heels already. It sort of undercuts Washington as this badass spy to me when the lead female is towering over him lol. Plus it's tough to buy them being attracted to each other haha. (It's debatable whether or not attraction was intended or not ) I just didn't like the ascetics of those two being the leads (more about height, not race, guess I am a heightist). Branagh straddled the line of hammy and fun. I think he got away with it. I thought Debicki and Pattinson were the strongest performances though.

It may have sounded like I hated it but I did not. I knew I was enjoying what I was seeing overall but I wasn't completely understanding everything while doing so haha. I just have an extremely high bar for Nolan that he has set with his previous works I have enjoyed. I actually really liked the score. There are some really cool actions sets and some worthy ideas for further exploration in this flick. In Hollywood where they are struggling to come up with anything original Nolan is super vital. Going online and watching some video reviews and analyst of the film has been fun. There are some wild ones. Say what you will the movie sticks with you. Repeat viewings when it comes out on video will be required to finally land on a firm score for the flick. I'd give it a tentative 3 out of 5 as of now, but depending on how much I enjoy it or not on repeats it could go up or down.